Our People

The Marson lab is a highly collaborative team with expertise in genomics, immunology, infectious diseases, and related fields, driven by a shared interest in applying cutting-edge technologies to understand and engineer cells of the human immune system.

Alex Marson

Principal Investigator

Alex Marson is a Professor at UCSF and the Director of the Gladstone-UCSF Institute of Genomic Immunology. As a physician-scientist with a background in immune genomics, Alex’s lab is focused on adapting CRISPR genome editing techniques to human immune cells in order to understand the genetic programs controlling immune cell function and to manipulate T cells to generate cell-based therapies for a wide range of diseases.


Post-Doctoral Fellows and Students

Maya Arce

PhD Student

Franziska Blaeschke

Postdoctoral Fellow

Eli Dugan

PhD Student

Laine Goudy

PhD Student

Rosmely Hernandez

Postdoctoral Fellow

Youjin Lee

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ben Lesch

PhD Student

Murad Mamedov

Postdoctoral Fellow

Cody Mowery

MD/PhD Student, UCSF

Mineto Ota

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ujjwal Rathore

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ralf Schmidt

Postdoctoral Fellow

Brian Shy

Clinical Fellow

Zach Steinhart

Postdoctoral Fellow

Jennifer Umhoefer

PhD Student, UCSF BMS

Carl Ward

Postdoctoral Fellow

Galen Xing

PhD Student

Tori Yamamoto

Postdoctoral Fellow

Ronghui (Ron) Zhu

Postdoctoral Fellow


Yan Yi Chen

Research Technician

Rama Dajani

Research Technician

Stacie Dodgson

Chief Scientific Strategist

Nicole Leung

Scientific Grant Writer

Zhongmei Li

Research Technician

Ron Manlapaz

Lab Manager

Jackie Sawin

Executive Assistant, Gladstone Institutes

Jon Woo

Institute Operations Manager

Interested in joining us?

We are always open to applications from post-doctoral fellows with strong backgrounds in cellular immunology. Applicants with backgrounds in genomics, molecular biology, computational biology and genome engineering who have a research interest in immunology are also welcome to apply. MD or PhD or equivalent doctoral degree required.


People we've had the privilege of working with in the Marson Lab.

Vigneshwari Kumar Research Technician

Current position: PhD Student, BCMB Allied Program, Weill Cornell


David Nguyen Assistant Adjunct Professor

Current position: Assistant Professor in Residence, UCSF


Alvin Ha Research Technician

Current position: Research Technician, Shy lab, UCSF


Jennifer Okano Executive Analyst

Current position: Retired


Bruce Schaar Scientific Project Manager

Current position: Scientific Grant Writer and Program Manager, Stanford University


Madeline Layeghi Research Technician

Current position: Lab manager, Gladstone Institutes


Daniel Carr Research Technician

Current position: PhD Student, University of Washington


Edward Marsh Postdoctoral Fellow

Current position: Scientist II, Kate Therapeutics


Jake Freimer Postdoctoral Fellow

Current position: Senior Computational Scientist, Genentech


Vivasvan Vykunta Research Technician

Current position: MSTP Student, UCSF


Shane Vedova Research Technician

Current position: PhD Student, Weill Cornell Medical College

Eric Shifrut Postdoctoral Fellow

Current position: Principal Investigator, Tel Aviv University


Christian Garrido Research Technician

Current position: Global Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Grifols Diagnostics


Amy Chen Research Technician

Current position: Graduate Student, UCSF


Caroline Whitty Research Technician

Current position: Graduate Student, UCSF


Mitchell Lipke Research Technician

Current position: Medical Student, Vanderbilt University


Ruby Yu Postdoctoral Fellow

Current position: Visiting Scientist, Gladstone Institutes


Sagar Bapat Resident

Current position: Instructor, Dept. of Laboratory Medicine, UCSF


Joe Hiatt MD/PhD Student, UCSF

Current position: Medical Student, UCSF

Ryan Apathy Research Technician

Current position: Medical Student, University of Washington


Devin Cavero Research Technician

Current position: Research Associate, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub


Jessica Cortez PhD Student, UCSF BMS

Current position: Discovery Scientist, Sonoma Biotherapeutics

Jonathan Li Research Technician

Current position: Medical Student, UCSF


Michelle Nguyen Post-Doctoral Fellow

Current position: Scientist, ArsenalBio


Sid Raju Bioinformaticist

Current position: 


Theo Roth MD/PhD Student

Current position: Clinical training, UCSF


Oren Shaked Resident

Current position: Chief Resident, General Surgery, UCSF


Dimitre Simeonov PhD Student, UCSF BMS

Current position: Co-founder, Beeline Therapeutics


Victoria Tobin Research Technician

Current position: Veterinary Student, UC Davis


Ian Vogel Research Technician

Current position: PhD Student, Institute for Research in Biomedicine


Francis Wright Medical Rotation Student

Current position: Medical Student, UCSF

Jasper Nies Visiting Student

Current position: Medical Student, University of Hamburg


Kathrin Schumann Post-Doctoral Fellow

Current position: Professor, Technical University of Munich

Michael Lauber Visiting Graduate Student

Current position: PhD Student, Technical University of Munich

Eric Boyer Staff Research Assistant

Current position: Summer Associate at Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox


Ninnia Lescano Staff Research Associate

Current position: Research Scientist, Adaptive Biotechnologies Corp.

Genevieve Haliburton Post-Doctoral Fellow

Current position: Computational Biologist, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub